Authentic Vintage Wedding Dresses

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There are many reasons why a bride would opt for Vintage Wedding Dresses.  One of the more obvious reasons is that every bride would want to look not only beautiful on that special day but rather in a uniquely beautiful wedding gown as well.  When it comes to beauty vintage wedding dresses are definitely on top of the list regardless whether you appreciate the classic look or not.

For one, vintage wedding dresses are definitely better compared to buying a wedding gown off the rack.  There is a certain magic possessed by these types of wedding gowns which are cheap vintage wedding dressessymbolic of a certain era.  If you and your spouse are the type to have an inclination for the valued past, then certainly vintage wedding dresses are the way to go on your special day.

The use of vintage wedding dresses also goes well with theme weddings.  Undoubtedly, you can find a vintage car to go with your outfit to bring you to that golden age of romance and love when fashion was something similar to a code you need to live by.  For those who value detail, vintage wedding dresses are the best examples of exquisite workmanship in wedding gowns.

What’s more is that the price of vintage wedding dresses is comparatively cheaper compared to modern wedding gowns which make them not only beautiful but also practical.  You have to realize though that opting for vintage wedding dresses can be a bit challenging which is why you need to exercise a bit of patience.

 What to Avoid When Buying Vintage Wedding Dresses

Try to avoid vintage wedding dresses that have stains or may need some repairs.  Youshort wedding dresses vintage realize that when it comes to stains they may or may not come out.  Imagine how difficult it is to remove stains that are a couple of days or weeks old?  What more if it has been on the fabric for over 20 years?

Moreover, many of the fabrics used with vintage wedding dresses do not actually work well with modern cleaning agents which are suited for newer types of fabrics.  Since it is vintage, the likelihood of finding matching fabrics may also prove to be difficult making repairs or patching jobs almost out of the question.

 Choosing the Right Fabrics for Vintage Wedding Dresses

Understanding that older fabrics deteriorate over time will help you comprehend why it is quite difficult to find authentic vintage wedding dresses.  However, all is not lost since majority of vintage wedding dresses have only been used once, many of them have been vintage looking wedding dresseskept in pristine conditions by their owners.  There is also a strong likelihood that they have not been handled as much since they have been worn which makes the fabric in better shape and more preserved.

One of the best fabrics to consider actually when it comes to vintage wedding dresses is the silk chiffons of the 1920s which look very glamorous.  Make sure that you take time to stretch out the fabric a bit before wearing it.  By stretching out the fabric it means that you only need a slight pressure to avoid the possibility of tearing.

 Cost of Vintage Wedding Dresses

The cost factor should always be taken into consideration whether it is for vintage wedding dresses or more modern wedding gowns.  Make sure to set a budget ceiling for the vintagewedding dresses vintage wedding dresses that interest you.  There is no point in looking beautiful and elegant if you burn out your entire wedding budget on the wedding gown.

This is actually a practical way to shop for wedding gowns.  It is nonsense to drool over a wedding gown that you cannot actually afford to pay for.  So, setting a ceiling on what you can afford not only narrows down your choices but makes them more practical as well.

 Sizing of Vintage Wedding Dresses

Take note of the size when it comes to vintage wedding dresses.  Undoubtedly, through the years people not only have become taller, they have also become heavier and wider.  This means that regular dress sizes when the authentic vintage wedding dresses were made may lace wedding dresses vintagenot apply today.  This is why it is very important to fit vintage wedding dresses before you actually buy them.

You have to take into consideration the adjustments that have been made by the clothing industry on dress sizes primarily due to widening hips and bulging waistlines.  Fitting may prove to be challenging if you purchase vintage wedding dresses online.  One way to resolve this problem is to first measure yourself accurately and then request the seller to give you an accurate measurement of the wedding gown as well.

Some of the vital points to measure would be the waist, hips, bust, and shoulders.  Make sure that there is a bit of allowance in the measurements to make sure that you are comfortable with wearing vintage wedding dresses.  If you are a bit larger and curvier, looking for vintage wedding dresses may be difficult again due to prevailing dress sizes before.

 Vintage Reproduction Wedding Dresses

If you really have your sights set on vintage wedding dresses and you cannot find one or nothing fits you, go for the next best thing.  Instead of authentic vintage wedding dresses choose reproductions instead.  They may not have the feel of authentic vintage mothervintage style wedding dresses of the bride dresses but they certainly have the look.  There are many adept designers that can come up with wedding gowns that are comparable to the vintage wedding dresses of the 1940s and 1950s.

Opting for something classic and nostalgic on your wedding day will truly make it a beautiful and memorable milestone in your lives as a couple.  However, you must remember that not everything should rely on vintage wedding dresses.  There are definitely other options open to you to achieve the look and feel that you want just in case you cannot get authentic vintage wedding dresses.


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