Beautiful Ring Settings Without Gemstones

Posted by cmotbd on October 12th, 2011 at 05:24pm

There are lot’s of choices when your shopping for Ring Settings Without  Gemstones are as varied as they are beautiful.  Whether you are looking for an engagement ring featuring a large center cut gemstone or a classic cocktail or dinner ring showcasing a cluster of gemstones, the settings are spectacularly beautiful.

From the antique or vintage look to the contemporary styles of today, ring settings can be found to match your personal taste. They can also be designed from patterns you choose for a one of a kind personalized ring made just for you.

Buying the setting separately and purchasing a loose diamond from the many jeweler’s collections of diamonds and precious gems is a smart buy for the savvy jewelry shopper. The quality of loose stones varies as does the price and allowing you to purchase any one of the stones at your own discretion. The popularity of rings that showcase a center cut diamond like an engagement ring and also rings that feature multiple diamonds settings on top of gorgeous and decorative mountings are currently enjoying a lively resurgence as many jewelry buyers are opting for purchasing loose stones to have set into ring settings without gemstones.

Art deco fashions of past eras as well as the newer and dramatic designs of today can be showcased in gorgeous settings that will bring out the luminescence and brilliance of the gemstones.  The cut of the gemstone is what typically contributes to the  sparkle of the stone and the open placement of a gemstone in a good ring setting will allow for the right amount of light to pass through the gemstone to enhance the  brilliance and luster of the gems.

The designs of the settings can be simple and elegant meant for a single gemstone or an eye catching cluster of color and sparkle.  Gold, silver and platinum are common types of metals used to make these fashionable rings.  Many of the designs feature smaller decorative diamonds or other gems that enhance and showcase a larger stone setting.  For instance, a group of three smaller diamonds may adorn each side of a ruby, emerald any other type of stone or even a diamond ring typically used as an engagement ring. Gemstones of any color and cut can add to the beauty of a diamond ring as well. Ring settings without stones do not have to limit the amount of stones nor the shape or the size of thestones.  They can all be made to fit your choice.  Jewelry designers can make any ring to match your preference.

The bands or shanks of the rings can also range from a plain band of gold to an ornate diamond encrusted band.  Gems and diamonds can be placed into these bands and can be paved, micro paved, channeled or dropped into cut outs in theRing Settings Without Gemstones band and set with tongs.  Designs of the bands can be intricate, filigree and delicate or heavy and solid.

The choice is up to the buyer and choices abound when shopping for ring settings without gemstones. Twisted, braided and engraved bands are not only decorative but can be ultra feminine and exquisite.  The personal touches added to the design or in the band itself will ensure that your ring is a unique piece of jewelry with fabulous ring settings without gemstones.


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