Best Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

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Best Dresses to Wear to a Wedding, if you are invited as a guest to a wedding and you would like to look stunning, eye catching, feminine and stylish, you will be concerned that you choose the best dresses to wear to a wedding. If you want to achieve this goal this assignment will require a some effort on your behalf , but you can be confident that if you go about it in the proper manner, that all your efforts will be successful and you will look sensational on the day.

Here are some helpful hints for you:

Pick The Best Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

(1) Shop Around: Search in magazines, shops, online and initially look at many dresses before making your decision, if you find the task too confusing, seek the help of your family or friends who are real fashion icons to find the best dresses to wear to a wedding.

(2) Comfortable: Choose a dress that is very comfortable for you as even if your dress looks stunning, but the fabric is uncomfortable, aggravating your skin or you feel awkward in the style, neckline is too plunging, waist is too tight, skirt is too short and you are conscious of your legs, then you will not enjoy the occasion, comfort should be first priority.

(3) What Wedding Type: Before you choose the best dresses to wear to a wedding you need to  consider a number of factors  is it a black tie or formal wedding, semi-formal , a beach wedding or a very casual affair, different dresses will obviously have to be selected depending on the kind of wedding you are about to attend.

(4) Formal Wedding Attire: For formal weddings, choose floor length best dresses to wear to a wedding with a matching bolero jacket, cocktail dresses are great choices but overly elaborate prom style gowns should be avoided,   strapless, halter neck, off the shoulder style dresses are suitable, a little beading can look very glamorous, but stay away from overly elaborate gowns, as this is the bride’s day, and she is the one that should outshine every other guest.

(5) Semi Formal Attire: For semi formal weddings the best dresses to wear to a wedding in my opinion would be a cocktail dress, you may have one before now in your wardrobe but  if not choose one that is just above the knee or longer but it should not touch the floor as then it would be classed as formal. There are many beautiful cocktail dresses to choose from, in silk, velvet lace, velour, chiffon etc, but if you are still undecided and you would like to choose a pants suit, then this would be more than acceptable for the semi formal occasion.

(6) Beach, Destination, & Outside: For beach weddings, or other less formalDress to Wear to a Wedding occasions you can also choose a cocktail type dress, in summer lighter fabrics and pastels colors can look stunning, pretty summer dresses can also look great, and can be dressed up by the addition of some really beautiful accessories, headbands, flowers, pearls, diamonds, bling, scarves, belts etc, and you can really compliment your outfit by adding a very pretty and glamorous pair of sandals or shoes.

(7) Winter & Fall Weddings: For less formal winter or Fall weddings, choose the best dresses to wear to a wedding from fabrics that are a little bit heavier, darker richer colors should be chosen and avoid summer pastel colors, a wool pants suit or a shirt and matching jacket could look great and the height of fashion.


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