Carefully Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift

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Carefully Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift

The wedding season starts with the arrival of spring. Now is the time to plan an awesome wedding gift for the couple. A thoughtful gift should be both a token of love and appreciation and a wedding remembrance too. What sort of gift should be given mainly depends upon two things:

  • Your relationship with the couple
  • The size of your wallet (How much you want to spend)

Your relationship with the couple:

You choose different types of gifts for different people. For example, you would likely not give the same gift to a co-worker, or a close relative; likewise you think a gift appropriate for a close friend, but the same gift not suitable for the neighbor. Therefore giving gifts is largely dependent on whom you are giving the gift.

Size of your wallet – amount to spend:

Your generosity also matters when you think to present a gift to someone. Though a wedding is an occasion for which you make plans to attend long ahead of the time to attend it, you should not go beyond the limits of your budget. So if you want to select a special gift for your friend on his/her wedding day, first check your budget.

Beautiful wedding gifts for the new couple

Tips to select a perfect gift:

(a)   Selecting a gift from the wedding registry:

Often the wedding couple provide their registry list at a specific store, or online, so you may start your shopping from there. A registry is actually a list of items that the couple are going to purchase sooner or later to start their new life; therefore, your gift will have no chance to fail. Studies reveal that registry gifts are appreciated more than self-planned gifts.

(b)   Give something memorable:

In case you are invited to be in the wedding party but somehow you cannot attend, then you are not expected to send or bring a gift. But if you do so, you will undoubtedly please the couple. In such cases, normally the items on the registry list have all been purchased or the remaining gifts are things you do not like or would have selected. If you are set on giving a gift, buy something of your own choice that will be memorable, like some photo frames, a tea set or anything from bath line, etc.

(c)    When to purchase and where to leave the wedding gift:

According to traditional wedding registry etiquette you can give a gift up to one year following the wedding. But giving the gift near, or just after the wedding, is more suitable. If you are giving the gift after an online purchase then you must consider the shipping time too. Giving the gift to the wedding party yourself is good enough. At the party you will see a table in a corner where people have put their gift box; you can also keep the gift there. But beware not put cash at the table as it could be stolen.

(d)   Group gifting:

Giving gifts as a group is also a good suggestion. Often close friends or relatives give their gifts to the couple collectively. Often, some of the more expensive gifts are given by a group of people, as a single person may not be in a position to afford it. It may be something extravagant like honeymoon tickets to an exotic location or redecorating the kitchen, etc.

(e)   Choosing cash as a wedding gift:

If you do not find anything in the registry list that is suitable to your budget or the list of items have already been purchased, then you can think about cash as a gift. Many people think it as a better option than boxed gifts. Sometimes is the couple will have already mentioned in the invitations that they prefer cash over boxed gifts.

Money is the best wedding gift


A wedding is a memorable occasion, not only for the couple but also for the guests. So make the event more memorable with a wise wedding gift.

These are all great wedding gift ideas however most new couples can use a little help getting started in their new and wonderful life, so a few bucks goes a long way to that honeymoon and to all the new bills the couple will inherit along the way.

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