Celtic Wedding Rings: Meanings and Representation

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Celtic Wedding Rings the Celtic people and their culture dominated great portions of Central as well as Western Europe during the 1st Millennium BC. Their influence reached the outlying regions through their own customs, religion, and language until the Celtic civilization conflicted with the Roman civilization. However, the different Celtic symbols are still being used and honored today, and this is especially true with the different Celtic wedding rings that represent a lot of meanings. In these modern days, the Celtic designs represent their own special meanings but are already commingled with Christian symbols.

Celtic Wedding Rings: Celtic Trinity Knot

celtic knot wedding ringsOne of the most obvious examples of the interrelation of Celtic symbols with Christian symbols is evident in the Celtic wedding rings known as the “Celtic Trinity Knot” rings. This Celtic Christianity wedding ring features three strands interwoven with each other. These three strands symbolize the Christian faith, specifically the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. There are other Celtic wedding rings that make use of other Christian symbols which represent the idea of eternity or eternal love. You will notice that the Celtic Christian wedding rings feature interwoven symbols representing eternity.

Celtic Wedding Rings: Meaning of Celtic Symbols in Celtic Wedding Rings

celtic rings weddingThe different Celtic jewelries represent unique and special meanings. The Celtic wedding rings are based on the history as well as the tradition of the Celtic people. Since these wedding bands are not only beautiful, but symbolic as well, it is one of the most popular wedding ring designs all over the world. Each Celtic wedding band represents a unique and ancient meaning, thus, choosing a Celtic design for your wedding ring will provide a more significant and special meaning compared to the other types of wedding ring styles available today.

Celtic Wedding Rings: Celtic Symbolism on Wedding Rings

silver celtic wedding ringsWhile the Celtic people continued to honor their tradition and culture by sticking to their own ancient designs, Christianity was able to influence them since it was able to grown in strength. Most of the modern Celtic wedding rings of today make use of a combination of Celtic symbols and designs with the ancient symbols of Christianity. One of the most popular Celtic symbols is the Irish “Hound of Cuchulainn” which is also used in the Claddagh ring. This special and unique ring was designed by a fisherman for his beloved wife back in the 17th century.

Celtic Wedding Rings: Claddagh Ring

titanium celtic wedding ringsThe Claddagh ring is one of the most well known Celtic wedding rings that symbolizes a lot of meanings and have many representations. The Claddagh ring features hands that represent friendship. This Celtic wedding ring also features a heart which is befitting for a wedding ring since it represents love and a crown that is used as a symbol for fidelity. However, the Claddagh ring which includes the “Hound of Cucchulainn,” replaces the hands with the symbols of Celtic knots. The Celtic knots end with the symbol for the “Hound of Cucchulainn” and this ring symbolizes a great Ireland hero.

One of the most preferred Celtic wedding rings, the Claddagh ring is a symbol of the power of love and friendship. Claddagh rings have different meanings depending on where and how it is worn. If the person using it wears it on the right hand with the symbol of the heart pointing outwards, it means that the person is single. If the person using it wears in on the right hand with the symbol of the heart pointing inwards, it means that the person is already taken. A Claddagh ring becomes a symbol of a happy marriage if it worn on the left hand with the heart pointing inwards.

Celtic Wedding Rings with the Celtic Knots

irish celtic wedding ringsCeltic Knots are also considered one of the most popular symbols used in Celtic wedding rings. Celtic Knots are very prominent symbols in the ancient Celtic artworks. The ancient Celtic people have based their artworks and designs on different geometric shapes. There are eight basic patterns and shapes that are known and seen today. While the true meaning of the Celtic Knots is unknown, it is considered by a lot of people as a symbolization of the interconnection and the interrelation of life through an endless cycle. There are several ways that the Celtic knots are represented and used in wedding rings.

Celtic Wedding Rings: The Celtic Knot Trinity Symbol

celtic silver wedding ringsThe Celtic Knot Trinity symbol used in Celtic wedding rings consists of three knots that are interconnected through a triangle. This Celtic Knot pattern is considered to be a combination of Christian as well as Celtic symbols. The knots symbolize the Christian faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When viewed as a Celtic symbol, it represents the Triple Gods and Goddesses that the ancient Celts believed in. The Celtic Trinity Knot is also referred to as the Love Knot which represents love that is everlasting and an eternal life.

Celtic Wedding Rings: The Triskele Pattern 

Another Celtic Knot pattern commonly used in wedding rings is the Triskele symbol. This pattern features three interlocking spirals that represent several meanings. These meanings include fertility; the three major domains of existence namely; creation, preservation and destruction; and the different phases of the moon. The Triskele pattern is viewed as a symbol of eternal love and most couples have their initials engraved on the Celtic Wedding Rings to represent long lasting love and commitment.

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