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Posted by cmotbd on October 5th, 2011 at 07:27pm

Most people would not be caught dead wearing Crazy Wedding Dresses like these to a wedding. Have a dress you would like to add? Just send it over and we’ll put it up. Care to comment on any of the dresses below, just chime in at the bottom of the page we would love to hear from you.

cheap wedding dresses

designer wedding dresses

vintage short wedding dresses

short unique wedding dress

Just plain crazy wedding dresses

 unique vintage wedding dressesunique wedding dresses with color

odd wedding dressWell that’s one way to make some extra room in your dress for the new baby! Not only that she looks truly excited about the wedding.

weird wedding dressShe must need help getting out of that thing or is it a two piece? Maybe the top comes off or she just pays down and someone grabs her feet and pulls her out?

Paper wedding dressWell I’ll bet you can save a fortune with this dress, just a couple reams of paper and a few long weekend afternoons? Just no smoking at that wedding!

potato wedding dressAre those potatoes, maybe peaches? At least she has a nice little crown and necklace?

Ugly wedding dressI’ll bet that cost a fortune!

sexy wedding dressHmm? Well I’m not going to say anything about this one.

Flag wedding dressNow this one is just cool. God Bless Her & God Bless America!

unique wedding dresses

unique wedding dresses vintage

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