Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Posted by cmotbd on September 11th, 2011 at 11:09pm

Nothing quite excites a girl than shopping for Diamond Engagement Ring Settings.  There are so many styles and designs to choose from that for many girls, it could take a long time to pick just one. Diamond rings are beautiful and when you shop for the setting separately you lose a bit of the sparkle effect of the diamond ring, but that may not be a bad thing.  Without the center stone drawing all of your attention, you can concentrate more on exactly what you want the setting to look like.

As romantic as it is to have the future groom propose with a beautiful diamond ring already chosen, many women really do prefer picking out their own engagement ring.  Often the engagement ring is accompanied by matching wedding bands making the purchase of rings, a major investment.  So getting it right is very important. Either way, as it is with most items of jewelry, the choices are abundant.  How the center stone is mounted in diamond engagement ring settings is one of the first items you will need to consider.  With new and exciting looks constantly being added, the future bride or groom will have a multitude of choices to make.  Window shopping for settings on the internet will be a great place to begin your search.

Mountings called tension rings have been around a while but only recently have they become popular choices.  The harder metals of platinum and titanium make this setting choice appealing since the ring will most likely be worn daily.  Extreme pressure holds the ring in place and jewelers specializing in the tension mounts tell us that the pressure should hold for centuries and are often safer than typical rings using tongs to hold the diamond.  Tension settings are often referred to as floating diamonds or suspended diamonds.

Other favorite methods of securing the stone to diamond engagement ring settings are with the use of tongs.  Discreetly hidden along the side of the diamond, four to six little claws hold the diamond securely in place while allowing the open look of the diamond to shine from all angles.  Beveled diamonds are secured in their setting by a molded metal ring that extends slightly over the edge of the stone giving the appearance of a diamond surrounded by a gold circle.

Channel and paving methods of mountings stone into a ring are typically used for the shank stones.  Paved stones are place tightly together like stones on a paved street.  Small, barely seenwedding rings for women prongs hold each stone in place.  Channel mounts drop the stone into the ring and the stone look submerged in gold.  Channel set diamonds are very secure. When your shopping for wedding rings for women you want to make sure they are secure.

No matter what the size or quality of the gemstone, a fantastic setting will make the diamond shine like it is worth a million bucks.   The addition of side stones along the shank of the ring adds so much sparkle and enhances the look of the larger center diamond.  From a three diamond ring, that is a center stone and two side stones, to a ring that looks like it is one huge diamond, like  halo paved diamond engagement ring settings, your ring is out there waiting for just the right finger to hold it.


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