Diamond Ring Settings Without Stones

Posted by cmotbd on October 10th, 2011 at 03:32pm

Diamond Ring Settings Without Stones, love the ring but don’t care for the stone? Did you know that you can buy diamond ring settings without stones? Find the perfect diamond and have it mounted in whichever ring setting you choose.

Often fine jewelers will showcase beautiful settings that allow you to pick your own diamond from an elite collection of fine cut diamonds. They will help you find just the right setting for the loose diamond that you choose.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and what girl doesn’t want a beautiful diamond ring from her fiancé? Picking the perfect diamond isn’t always easy so it is paramount that you know that the characteristics of diamonds are distinguished by the 4 Cs: Color, cut, clarity and carat. Buying the diamond separate from the setting is fast becoming more popular. Being able to pick the diamond separately gives the buyer an added choice; we which we all love. Buying the diamond ring settings without stones may seem awkward to look at but the rewards in having the setting you want with the diamond you choose will certainly be worth it in the end.

Many of the gorgeous settings without stones may include decorative smaller side stones on the side of the ring, emphasizing the larger cut stone of the ring. Some jewelers include these smaller stone in the settings and some do not. Make sure you know in advance whether the smaller stones are part of the setting or need to be purchased separately. Even the smallest of the cuts of brilliant diamonds can be rated by the 4 Cs and if the rating is important to you, you will want to know about the decorative stones that are mounted on your ring.

Diamond or white gold ring settings without stones are often sold as sets. A set of two ringsRing Settings Without Stones can be either a wedding ring for the bride and groom or an engagement ring or a matching wedding ring both for the bride. These sets could also be three rings, which would include both the engagement and wedding ring for the bride and a wedding ring for the groom.

The wedding bands can be very decorative with intricate designs or a plain, simple yet elegant band and are often identical to each other with the same designs patterns presenting themselves in the engagement ring as well.

Many women, who have purchased broken estate jewelry or have received a family heirloom piece of jewelry that can’t be worn due to damage, may decide to remount the diamonds or precious stones into a newer setting. The perfect way to keep grandmother’s diamond from a ring that cannot be worn is to reset the stone in your choice of diamond ring settings without stones.


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