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Our Dress Size Calculator can point you in the right direction on sizing cause we know online shopping for dresses can be an intimidating and daunting task. What are the chances of your dress fitting just right? Shipping and returns can not only be expensive but a hassle as well. Dresses from different designers run a little large or small. The dress size calculator below can give you a good start to finding your proper size in either US, EU or UK standard sizing.

To learn how to properly take your measurements please scroll down and look at the diagrams below.

Simply take your measurements and input them above and click Go. The calculator will then propagate several different results below including standard and form fitting or squeeze sizes.

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If you are having problems deciphering the difference between what a tailor size or squeeze size is, we have descriptions below as well.

For a Squeeze Fit: A squeeze fit is one that is absolutely form fitting that hugs your body tightly. This can be achieved when you fit comfortably in a large size but want to have your dress become you with a tighter fit.

For a Tailor Fit: A tailor fit supplies a looser fit that can be accommodating and comfortable. This fit is looser, however it provides roominess that can be taken in by a tailor in all the right places to look like as if it was custom made especially for your body.

  Taking Your Measurements Accurately 

One of the most important things that you need to do before comparing size charts, calculating your dress size, or deciding which fit you need out of a dress, you need to take the most accurate measurements with the proper placements of the measuring tape. To help you perform this with perfect results here are some guidelines:

Here are some charts to help you to measure yourself properly:


Taking Your Bust Measurements

how to measure bust

Taking Your Waist Measurements

how to measure waist

Taking Your Hip Measurements

what dress size am i

 Choosing The Right Fit

Every person’s body is unique, and though sizes may be consistent from one woman to another the fit may beg to differ. If you want an example of this instance just check out the celeb websites and gossip magazines with the polls that are labeled ‘Who wore it better.’ Some dresses appear as if they were made for a specific woman and other dresses are not as flattering on different women. For this simple fact- the basis of wearing a dress best comes with some handy and helpful tips.

Don’t Have Time Or Money For a Tailor? If you are planning on skipping a tailor dress, then you may want to opt for a squeeze fit however it is vital that you take accurate measurements and also consult the designer sizing charts to compare if the designer mother of the bride dresses run small or large in comparison to other consistent standards in sizing. It would be of great inconvenience to order a dress to have it not fit when you go to try it on.

Investing In a Tailor Or Aiming For a More Custom Fit? If you are looking to achieve a fit that looks more finished and provides you with a ‘second skin’ then choosing the tailor fit is the right route to take to obtain the looseness required for a tailor to work their magic. A tailor fit is ideal for formal occasions and for wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the groom dresses, and mother of the bride dresses. For a quick size check visit our > Dress Size Chart.

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