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Use our Dress Size Chart to Accurately Determine Your Size!

If you are a dress fan like every other woman on the planet, then you have probably ordered a dress online in what you assume to be your general size only to find that it is too large or to small when it arrives. Shopping online for mother of the bride dresses can offer a person the absolute convenience of never having to visit a store or a dressing room, however it also comes with its fair share of shortcomings.

wedding dress size chartYou see, high fashioned dress designers and seamstresses tend to measure their sizes in great variances from one to another. With this comes problems with the average female assuming one dress size will be consistent throughout retail stores, designers, and manufacturers. When ordering dresses with out the possibility of trying them on for fit, you must know your most accurate dress size by using a dress size chart, comparing different orientations of dress sizes from country to country, and by understanding how to take the most accurate measurements with a measuring tape of your bust, waist, hips, and more….

dress shirt size chartwedding dress size

wedding dress size

Taking Your Measurements

When it comes to getting the most accurate measurement of your size, all you basically need is a practical measuring tape, maybe a person to help you, and yourself stripped down to your skivvies. Here are some tips on measuring yourself and how to go about getting the most accurate measurements possible to ensure that the clothes and dresses you order are a top notch- superior fit! After all wearing a dress is easy, but the ones that stand out are the ones that you can wear well that look as if they were custom-altered or just specifically made for your body and YOU. If you are having problems taking your measurements, or do not understand the specific points on your body to measure: See our illustrations below the dress size calculator for more detailed instructions.

To use a dress size chart whether it be ours or a specific designers or manufacturers you will need to take the basic measurements of your hips, waist, and bust. To perform this task simply follow the directions below:

A cloth tape measure. If you do not have a cloth tape measure, you can use string to measure around the body and a ruler to measure the string. Take the measurements undressed or in lightweight clothes. Even better, use the undergarments that you will be wearing with your gown. Pull your tape measure snug, but not too tight. Stand up straight and tall.

Taking Your Bust Measurements: Bust measurements are taken at the fullest part of your bust line with only the bra on that you intend to wear with your mother of the bride dress. (please note that your bra size is not the same as your bust measurement).

Taking Your Waist Measurements: The waist measurements are taken in narrowest part of your torso(approximately 2″ above your belly button).

Taking Your Hip Measurements: The hip measurements will be taken and measured at the fullest part of your bottom, approximately 9″ measuring from your waist down.

Please make sure that the measuring tape is wrapped around your body nice and snug, not so tight that you are uncomfortable, just nice and snug so that you will get an accurate reading.

Using Our Dress Size Chart

Once you have taken the proper measurements of your body, you can utilize our dress size chart to find the most accurate size for your body type. NOTE: Our dress size chart is built upon the base numerals used to determine a specific size within the Unites States sizing guidelines. Although your measurements may state that this is your size when in regards to foreign and other designers you may want to consult their individual dress sizing charts to establish a variable size circumstantially for their unique dress size standards. For a more detailed measurement try our Dress Size Calculator.

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