Dresses to Wear at a Wedding

Posted by cmotbd on November 10th, 2011 at 11:39pm

So the invitations have gone out and you know you are invited. Now it’s time to find that just right dress so you’ll look fabulous. Dresses to Wear at a Wedding can be just about any dress you like and they are easy to find. Beautiful gowns of satin or lace are sure to complement any figure. Colors galore and fashions choices that will turn your head on every page.

Long flowing gowns with exquisite bead work or daring necklines are all popular choices of wedding guest apparel. Your selections may be limited by the theme of the wedding or even the location. Will there be dancing? You want to find a dress that you look smashing in but also one that fits you perfectly yet allows you to move without discomfort.

There are only a handful of choices that you need to be mindful of when choosing and shopping for dresses to wear at a wedding. Three of the biggest are:

• Don’t wear white. White is reserved for the bride. Many gorgeous dresses that are not officially wedding dresses are white but as far as etiquette rules go, a white dress is a definite no-no. Now, if the white in the dress is mixed with other colors, even though it predominates, then it is perfectly acceptable.

• If the bride is wearing a street length dress, the rule of thumb is to not wear a floor length gown. If the bride wears tea length or longer the length of the dresses to wear at a wedding doesn’t matter.

• Do not wear a dress that matches the bridal party. The bridesmaids should look distinctive and you’ll only spoil the fun if you do. Best to stay away from not only the exact style of dress but the precise color as well if possible.

• Sexy evening gowns are not appropriate for morning garden weddings. If youCasual Dresses to Wear at a Wedding think that your dress falls into that category, you may want to add a matching jacket for the ceremony. Keep the destination and theme in mind as you make your choice.

Shopping for just the right dress can be fun. Whether you head for the shops as a group or by yourself, it is always a good idea to have a style in mind. You probably already know what style suits you the best. Do you want to stick with that style or be daring and try something new?

Go online and check out some of the gorgeous evening wear available and pick out the features of each design that you like best. Be armed with these ideas when you head to the boutiques to look at all of the dresses to wear at a wedding. You’ll cut down on a lot of time if you stick to the dresses and styles you like. Be stunning and gorgeous for the wedding, for the bride and for yourself.


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