Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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If you have been invited to a wedding taking place in the winter months, you are probably trying to figure out what dresses to wear to a winter wedding. Though winter is not the most popular time of year for a wedding, the number of winter weddings has increased dramatically in recent years.

The proper attire for wedding guests depends on a variety of factors including the wedding style, location and time of day. Winter weddings can be very beautiful whether they are held inside or outdoors. If you are deciding what to wear, follow these fashion tips to help choose the perfect dresses to wear to a winter wedding.

Formal Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding?

The wedding invitation will normally state if the wedding is black tie and what lead you to the type of dresses to wear to a wedding. If that’s the case, it makes dressing a bit easier. For black tie weddings, men are expected to wear tuxedos and women don full length evening gowns. If it’s anything less than black tie, that’s where it can get confusing. If the wedding falls on New Year’s Eve, chances are you’re heading to a very formal event. Otherwise, check your invitation for clues to expected attire. Evening is traditionally dressier than day, and restaurant receptions are traditionally less formal than country club or hotel gatherings.

Winter Appropriate Colors

When selecting the color of dresses to wear to a winter wedding, there are a few things to avoid. Don’t wear white it’s not appropriate for anyone but the bride. If the wedding is in the daytime, do notWinter Wedding Dresses wear black. Avoid bright colors such as sunny yellow and orange. These shades are best reserved for spring weddings. Instead look for a dress in rich, winter colors such as burgundy, deep plum and forest green. Red is an appropriate choice, but lean more toward dark reds rather than bold fire engine red.

Where Is The Wedding Taking Place?

If it’s a church wedding with a reception at the local country club or hotel ballroom, then you can expect formal yet conservative attire. Select a dress, knee length to tea length. Anything shorter isn’t appropriate and a long gown may be too much. For a church wedding, add a wrap or bolero jacket if you are wearing a strapless gown. Avoid plunging necklines and high slits. If the wedding reception is being held at a restaurant, wear whatever you would normally wear to dine at that establishment. For an upscale restaurant, a dress is appropriate. For something more casual, perhaps a cashmere sweater and slacks are a better choice to enhance your dresses to wear to a winter wedding an provide you with warmth options.


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