Dresses too Short to Wear to a Wedding

Posted by cmotbd on September 23rd, 2011 at 08:24pm

My first thought was, is there such a thing as Dresses too Short to Wear to a Wedding?  Then I saw some and quickly realized that the answer to that question, without a doubt, is yes.

While fashion may try and dictate hemlines, women are wearing skirts at whatever length they feel comfortable with.  Some young women with long slender legs may feel comfortable with the really short miniskirts for the club scene, but this look may be just a bit too much for a wedding and deemed inappropriate.

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Perhaps we should state right away that although the length of the dress may be short, the style and design of the dress may make the dress presentable attire for a wedding depending upon the wearer. Younger women can pull off the look wearing miniskirts while older or larger women may look silly if they were to wear the same dress.  There are, however, certain styles of skirts and dresses  to wear to a wedding that are considered too short, no matter how cute they may be.

Called micro minis by the fashion industry and hoochie skirts by many mothers of young teen girls, the pleated short minis are reminiscent of the cheerleading outfits.  While darling on the cheerleaders at the football game, these short hemlines could raise eyebrows in a more refined setting such as a wedding ceremony.  The A-line micro minis are figure hugging from top to bottom.  Even if the wedding is considered casual or held outdoors, unless you are at the beach and swim suits are the desired fashion of all of the guests, wearing clothing that is too revealing or a dress that is risqué, is considered rude.  At a wedding, all eyes should be on the bride: it is her day to shine and be the most beautiful and most noticed woman at the event.

Not that weddings need to be solemn affairs, they can be quite joyful, but the partying after the wedding is the truly fun part.  The wedding is and should stay the more respectable venue.  However, dresses too short to wear to a wedding may be acceptable fashion for the reception.  Again, it depends on the style of the dress and of course, the shape of the women wearing it.  Changing clothes after the wedding into partying clothes or what some call club clothes is a common practice especially when the reception is hours later.  Many receptions are simply considered big parties that celebrate the wedding and the newlyweds.  But a party it is and therefore, party clothes are in.  This includes the sexy little cocktail dresses with the shortest of hemlines.

The odd thing about discussing the shorter hemlines of dresses is that what is too short for one, is not necessarily too short for the other, making this decision, purely subjective.  And while some may not know how to describe exactly what length makes a dress too short, they definitely know it when they see it.

Dresses too Short to WearDresses too short to wear to a wedding have been described is the following ways:

  1. If the curve of the butt cheek peeks out from the under the skirt.
  2. If the wearer cannot bend or walk up stairs without flashing the person behind them.
  3. If, when seated, the skirt rides up too high and exposes more than it should.
  4. If the length of the skirt is shorter than the distance from the bottom of the skirt to the knees.

While the above descriptions may be a bit simplistic or rigid, they are nevertheless, simple common sense, yet not everyone may agree.  For the majority of weddings, protocols and etiquette are still in play, so dresses too short to wear to a wedding are somewhere along the lines that match the criteria listed above.


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