Good Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

Posted by cmotbd on September 20th, 2011 at 02:18pm

To find extraordinarily Good Dresses to Wear to a Wedding, I consulted one of the best reputable fashion magazines online Harpers Bazaar to see which ones were trending for any wedding season. However, they broke it down to a natural science with the latest and greatest styles in formal and casual dresses that beat all and will be considered ideal for any type wedding ceremony or reception. For the ultimate reference in 2011 dress trends I have summarized good dresses to wear to a wedding below.

Make sure though that you do not go too formal or casual for the type of wedding you are attending. Just a quick check of the invitation can give you a good idea of how casual or formal of a dress you should buy.

Good Dresses To Wear To a Wedding In Summer: You can’t go wrong with a bright print, and simple sandals for a beachfront or garden wedding. Summer is the perfect time for light layers of billowy chiffon, vibrant shades, and leg baring minis. For an evening event, opt for a sophisticated solid cocktail dress, but during the day almost anything goes as long as it’s stylish and fun.

Good Dresses To Wear To a Wedding In Winter: With the right dress, you can go from daytimeGood Dresses casual to nighttime glam and stay warm in the process. For winter weddings you should opt for simple sheaths, jewel tones, and classic long sleeved looks are the way to go when dressing for a glamorous, snowy affair.

Good Dresses To Wear To a Wedding In Fall: Warm, rich hues keep the chill at bay, topped with a stylish jacket, the result is even better. For weddings that take place in the fall, you should try autumnal shades of muted orange, burgundies, deep forest greens, and sienna or sultry jewel tones when choosing a dress for a fall wedding. For added warmth, top it with a tuxedo blazer or sequined cardigan.

Ultimately when searching for good dresses to wear to a wedding, you will find very many. However, what is most important is that the fit of the dress is right, that you are comfortable wearing it, and that you feel beautiful and confident with the choice that you have made. Just remember that the perfect jewelry, hair, makeup, and accessories will compliment and enhance any look you are trying to achieve.


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