How To Pick Your Wedding Dress 101

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How To Pick Your Wedding Dress 101

A wedding dress is probably the most important thing in the preparation you make for your wedding; therefore make good decisions when you make your choice. Here are some tips for how you should select your wedding gown.

1.     Get An Early Start:

It is always a good idea to go to the store early in the day. It is the same idea as the early bird gets the worm; the early bride in this case gets fresh and energetic staff at the store. The store will be the least crowded in the morning and you can get the full attention of the consultant.

2.      The Top of the Wedding Dress:

A long wonderful wedding dress with a pearl hem is really to die for. But keep in mind that the top of the dress is what is noticed most by the people. It is also the most shown part in the pictures. It is not wrong to say most of the pictures are taken from the waist up, so select your top with the same keen interest as you selected your wedding gown.

3.     Selecting the Dress Just Because it’s Trendy:

A wedding gown should transcend the limits of time. They do not necessarily always fit the current time as evident from the parent’s wedding album. Sometimes the trendiest wedding gown is a very common one and does nothing special for the bride. Therefore, select the dress that suits your personality, making you gorgeous and sexy and this will leave an impact of a modern and traditional blend.

4.     Dress and the Wedding Venue

Select your dress according to the venue and timing of the wedding ceremony. Are you going outdoors, in some park, at the ocean or some marriage hall? Your dress should match the atmosphere. Similarly, color selection is important.  Is it a daytime or nighttime event?

5.     Taking Pictures of the Dress Before You Decide:

It is interesting that we look at ourselves in pictures more than do live. You should take pictures of the dress from all angles and then make a decision whether to purchase it or not. But not every store will let you do so. You may need to ask permission before you do that.

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6.     Trying On Too Many Dresses:

There is a difference of opinion by the experts on this issue. Some say a bride should try many dresses as it is very difficult to decide when the gown is on the hanger. Moreover, every dress has a different appearance on different bodies; so you should try every dress you like.

On the other hand, some experts are of the view that bride should not try too many dresses as it creates confusion in her mind and they may fail to make the right decision.

7.     No Need to Bring a Group to Select Your Wedding Gown:

Some TV shows are giving the opinion that you must be accompanied by a relative, friend, co-worker or even a consultant to help you select the dress. But most of the time the results are negative. So many opinions, thoughts, experiences and coordination may leave you puzzled. Now you have the Wedding Dress 101 So be stress-free and confident about your decision as it is you who is going to wear the dress and no one else.

8.     A Well-Fitted Undergarment is an Must:

Do wear a well-fitted bra on try-on day. This will definitely help you in the search for a gorgeous wedding gown. So before selecting a dress for the big day, go to a lingerie shop and purchase a bra that makes you look and feel sexy and attractive too.

9.     The Right Time to Purchase the Wedding Dress:

As wedding shopping is usually pricey, you may want to search for your required items, including the wedding dress, at the end of the year, or on Halloween, Good Friday or on Christmas.

10.Be Confident about the Dress and Accessories:

Remember, as a bride, it is your day. You should be confident about your looks, dress and everything you carry. It is the happy start of your new life so welcome it with confidence no matter what brand are you wearing at the moment.

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