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The unique and diverse traditions involved in the various cultures and weddings across the globe fascinate us and the gorgeous fashions of Indian wedding dresses truly inspire us. The exotic use of ‘color, jewels, and luxurious fabrics combine to dress women in ultra feminine and strikingly beautiful wedding dresses.

Indian brides from wealthy families can spend a great deal of money on the entire wedding experience, often including real gold and silver in the accessories of the dress. Those without the means still conform to the same traditional style of dress with much less adornment.

Fashionably demure yet curiously sensuous at the same time, the styles of Indian wedding dresses have remained essentially the same for centuries.  Complex patterns of delicate beadwork, intricate threading sequences with the addition of colorful jewels describe the culture and artistic impressions of the Indian bride. Lightweight fabrics are desired such as silk,Indian dresses chiffon and satins.  Jewelry is worn in abundance to not only reflect the wealth of the family but also because tradition dictates that the body is covered in decoration.  For this reason, many Indian brides decorate their hands and feet with henna.

 With India being such a diverse nation, the traditions and cultures of the various regions may differ.  Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh are the major religions of India.  With 4 distinct major religions, Indian weddings incorporate their faith with tradition and culture to observe and perform each wedding ceremony.  These differing faiths also dictate different styles of Indian wedding dresses that the bride must conform to within each district.  Different regions of the country bring their own unique flavor of diversity and culture to the wedding as well.  While this dress code may be changing over time, it is significant, and for the most part, strictly adhered to.

While brides in the northern regions of India wear bright colors, those in the south typically wear whites and cream.  Colors, thread sequences, and decorative patterns have meaning and symbolize the important features of each regional culture.  Muslims brides are fully covered while Hindu brides often have bare midriffs.  Although not always required, Indian wedding dresses usually include the sari.

Three major, yet distinct, styles of wedding attire are typically worn by brides at Indian weddings.

  1. Indian Wedding DressSari ~ A sari is a single strip of cloth wrapped around the body to form a dress or skirt.  The sari is often worn over other tradition attire.   The material used as a scarf, used to cover the head and shoulders, is called a Dupatta.
  2. Lehenga Choli or Gagra Choli ~ This outfit is a combination blouse and long skirt. Depending upon the style of each piece, the actual name may be different yet they all belong in this line of clothing.  The blouse is tight and cropped short to bare the lower back and midriff.  Different style of choli may feature longer blouses. The floor length skirt may be A-line, pleated or wrapped.
  3. Shalwar Kameez ~ The shalwar kameez is actually a pair of trousers and drawn together at the waist.  Typically, a long tunic is worn over the top.

 The elegance of the material as well as the artistic embellishments combines to make simply gorgeous wedding apparel.  The popularity of the Indian tea length mother of the bride dresses has grown extensively even in the west.  American brides acknowledge the beauty in the style and have embraced the look for their own wedding attire.  The sumptuous feel of the silk with the eye catching extravagance of the adornments are an attractive alternative to the traditional white wedding dress for brides looking for something new and different.

Designers have noticed and are creating visions in white as well as bold colors that reflect this trend.  Converging different cultures into stylish wedding dresses that fit both the traditional wedding dress image with the stylish features of Indian wedding dresses, these designs are captivating the brides all over the world.


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