Informal Wedding Dresses 101

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Informal Wedding Dresses are perfect for brides who are laidback, carefree, and non traditional, instead of fairy tale like wedding dresses, ball gowns, and floor length, classic wedding dresses. There are various choices available for brides who prefer informal wedding dresses so finding the perfect informal wedding dresses will not be a problem.

Informal wedding dresses, whether in short or long lengths are becoming increasingly popular especially in beach weddings, backyard garden weddings, themed weddings, and other similar informal or non traditional weddings.

Is an Informal Wedding Dress Right For You? cheap informal wedding dresses

There are plenty of reasons why brides prefer informal wedding dresses than traditional wedding dresses. Normally, traditional or formal wedding dresses are more elaborate than informal wedding dresses so they will naturally cost more than informal wedding dresses. In this context, if limited budget is a big factor in choosing your wedding dress, informal wedding dresses may be great alternatives.

Likewise, informal wedding dresses are ideal for couples who would want to elope since they can be sold almost anywhere; regular bridal stores, department stores, and yes, even vintage stores. In addition, couples opting for destination weddings such as beach weddings, almost always lean towards informal wedding attire since they are easier to pack and travel with.

Informal wedding dresses are also good choices for no nonsense, penny wise brides because they can wear their informal wedding dresses again and again for different parties, night outs, the holidays, and other special occasions.

Considerations for Informal Wedding Dresses short informal wedding dresses

Informal wedding dresses are available in a multitude of styles; from sundresses, classic A-line dresses, mermaid style dresses, sheath dresses, and so on. The following characteristics are generally identified with informal wedding dresses.

  • Length of the Wedding Dress – typically, short wedding dresses are popular choices for informal wedding dresses, but longer and even floor length informal wedding dresses are also available. Tea length wedding dresses and dresses that come just short of the knees also great choices. Ideally though, informal wedding dresses should not be shorter than two inches above the knee.


  • Detailing and Embellishments – other than the length, a big characteristic that sets informal wedding dresses apart from traditional and formal wedding dresses is actually the embellishment of the dresses. Normally, embellishments such as beading, sequins, pearls, and others are only found in one part of informal dresses like the waist, neck, and bust line.


  • Fabric Choices – equally important, if not more important than embellishments is the fabric choices applicable for informal wedding dresses. For traditional, formal wedding dresses, popular options include silks and satins. While it is true that the same fabrics can be used for informal wedding dresses, most of these dresses are typically made of lightweight fabrics perfect for the bride’s, as well as the wedding’s carefree and laidback mood. Think white cotton, flowy dresses being caressed by the wind.

Ideally, fabrics should be able to drape softly, form fitting to some extent, able to move with the bride’s every swish and swoosh, or has slight elasticity instead of the structured and crisp look most formal wedding dresses have. Aside from the usual fabric choices, great fabric options for informal wedding dresses include lace, illusion, jersey, crepe, batiste, charmeuse, georgette, and cotton blends.

  • Skirts – skirts of informal wedding dresses are usually without volume, as opposed to the traditional, and one of the most popular wedding dress styles which is the ball gown. However, princess style, voluminous skirts found in ball gown wedding dresses can actually work for informal wedding dresses when shortened just above the knee or tea length.

Informal Wedding Dresses – To Color or Not to Color

There was a time when wearing colored wedding dresses was considered wedding taboo. Nowadays however, colored wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to traditional wedding gowns. In this context, colored wedding dresses will be also ideal as informal wedding dresses. Wedding Dresses

Colored, informal wedding dresses are ideal for themed weddings and destination weddings. For example, red, for western cowboy weddings, black for gothic weddings and rocker weddings, as well as sandy, taupe colors, sea green, and blue hues for beach weddings. Likewise, holiday brides may consider Christmas colors.

Most brides also prefer to get married during their favorite seasons so they might also want to consider choosing colored, informal wedding dresses that are inspired by the seasons. Winter brides typically choose white, but if you want to make a dramatic, yet informal statement, you can always pick emerald greens, ruby reds, gold, silver, and metallic hues.

Fall brides may opt to wear wedding dresses in shades of orange, yellows, as well as lighter golden hues. While spring brides may consider wearing hues of blues, light violets and magentas, lilacs, and pale pinks. wedding informal dresses

Printed, informal wedding dresses on the other hand can be in the form of cocktail dresses, sundresses, as well as empire cut, maxi dresses in floral prints, paisleys, polka dots, etc. You can also introduce prints to your overall wedding look in your shawl or sash whenever applicable. On the other hand, less adventurous brides who would want to consider colored informal mother of the bride dresses can opt for pastel colors.

A unique suggestion would be to consider putting your wedding entourage in white dresses, while you wear a colored informal wedding dress. You can likewise ask your wedding guests to dress in white, black or black and white for a more contrasting and dramatic look.

Informal wedding dresses may be just as classy and stunning as traditional, formal wedding gowns given that you take into consideration all the tips mentioned above. And since comfort is a big factor when choosing the perfect wedding dress, informal wedding dresses may just be perfect for you.


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