LGBT Weddings Coming Soon to California

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LGBT Weddings Coming Soon to California. If your on board with the courts recent decision or not in a few short weeks same sex couples will be tying the knot in the great golden state. Many will try to overturn or appeal the courts decision but the trend in the country is clear and over the years to come more and more states will follow California’s  lead on this controversial topic.

LGBT Weddings Coming Soon to California

While several states allow same sex marriage there are still a handful that prohibit it. Hawaii was the trend setter being the first state in the USA to declare the prohibition unconstitutional. This got the ball rolling and pools show that most Americans are in favor of legalizing same sex marriage with the tide moving in favor LGBT Weddings year after year.

Following suit with Hawaii soon came Washington, Maryland and Maine via the popular vote. Although this is an extremely complicated and complex topic but with DOMA overturned thingsand it all  just got a lot simpler in California. DOMA challenged the federal court system. Same sex marriage is a very sensitive topic not only politically but religiously as well. The majority of religions don’t support same sex marriage; however, the trend in our country isn’t religion but it’s more of a party type lifestyle.

This is a large contributor to the popular vote being pro gay marriage. This country has strayed from its founding beliefs of marriage as being between a man and a women. Whether your are for or against this court ruling to overturn prop 8 the road our country is taking isn’t leading anywhere we want to go. Sadly, we the people are so involved in living in the moment that we can’t see what’s coming in our near future.

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Studies show that most STD’s come from same sex interactions in a bedroom. Not only is that affecting the present but look further down the line. A boy will grow up with two fathers and see nothing out of the ordinary, this will cause one of three things. One it will de-sensitize him to things of this nature making him more inclined to favor same sex marriage. two, he himself may become a homosexual as that is all he has known his whole life. Last but now least is the issue of bullying. Kids are definitely not nice to other kids with all things being equal and if they were to find out someone had two dads or two moms they would constantly get made fun of. This will cause a large trickle down affect with our coming generation.

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We will have a higher rate of homosexuality resulting in disease, decrease in population growth due to the fact that no women are being impregnated, and a more open accepting generation to things long not accepted. Now I am not saying homosexuality shouldn’t be allowed it just shows that the moral fabric of our society is degrading. And if that degrades far enough what will not be ok? Because you don;t want tell someone “no” so this will leave lasting effects.    Contrarily our constitution does state we are allowed the pursuit of happiness and if that is with the same gender so be it no matter what the long term consequences may be, you live for you, or at least that’s how most people live.  Although there are consequences for this type of behavior both short and long term.

No matter how you personally feel about prop 8 the fact is that this ruling made a lot of happy people. We all need to take a moment and realize that the trend is obvious, acceptance, tolerance and same sex marriage is here to stay. LGBT Weddings Coming Soon to California we welcome you and yours. In addition to the DOMA overturn it is expected that this will bring in an additional 40 million dollars in tax revenue to the state of California.

We would love to hear from you if you have a feeling one way or another on this controversial topic as we maintain an open dialog and love hearing from our readers. No matter their sexual preferences. Were all entitled to share in a relationship of mutual trust, love and adoration that is recognized by all. LGBT Weddings Coming Soon to California via prop 8 overturn. Will the rest of the country follow suit over the next few years? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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