Long Dresses to Wear to A Wedding

Posted by cmotbd on October 1st, 2011 at 06:06am

Even though short dresses are trending pretty hard this year, you may have a wedding that requires that you opt for choosing from some Long Dresses to Wear to A Wedding. These wedding are the extravaganza types, where everyone breaks out their finest in order to meet the very stiff expectations of everyone mingling around them. However, there are very few women that have distaste for being a Princess or Queen for the day.

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Choosing from the large array of long dresses to wear to a wedding can be very tricky, because some long dresses that are sold are outdated, too formal for some weddings, and do not always suit the person who is wearing them. So to provide you with an enormous education on the various cuts and style of long dresses to wear to a wedding and what is best suited and flattering for certain body types, here you have long dress 101:

  1. The Aline Long Dress: A dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. Works well on most figure types; good for disguising bottom heavy figures. Is thinning and one of the most flattering cuts or styles of long dresses to wear to a wedding that works for all.
  2. The Sheath Long Dress: A sheath dress features a figure hugging silhouette with a defined waist (no belt or waistband). This  long ankle hugging or more dress works well in sleeveless styles on well toned bodies. It defines every curveLong Dresses and feature of a woman and hugs the best parts in all the perfect places. Totally among the best long dresses to wear to a wedding, if a woman is very fit and thin.
  3. Mermaid Long Dress: The mermaid dress is close fitting through the bodice, down through the hips and to about mid or lower calf where the skirt flares out. As sexy as this is, it’s not an easy dress to wear unless you have an athletic or slim build because this dress actually adds curves.
  4. The Trumpet Long Dress: This dress is considered a trumpet style a it is flared at the bottom like a trumpet instrument. It is slightly different than the mermaid as it flares at mid calf. One of the most popular fashion trends in long dresses to wear to a wedding.

If you think that there is a shortage of long dresses to wear to a wedding available for sale, you are sadly mistaken as the market is stocked to the brim with plentiful designs, styles, sizes, and colors of full length ball gowns and evening dresses.


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