More Crazy Wedding Dresses

Posted by cmotbd on October 5th, 2011 at 07:28pm

They just keep getting weirder! Some are actually pretty cool. Would you wear any of these at your wedding? Some people just have very unique taste or just want to do something different for a change. Something out of the norm and well, these crazy wedding dresses certainly qualify for the out; of the norm category that’s for darn sure!

wedding dresses for the beach

unique dresses to wear at a wedding

Talk about a long train? This must be some king of Guinness world record!beautiful unique wedding

Yes that’s what you think it is. Her wedding dress is made from trash. Talk about affordable!unique wedding dresses 2011

unique casual wedding dresses

Yes sir those are actually condoms. unique wedding dresses with sleeves

unique modest wedding dresses

cheap wedding dresses

This one looks to be made from old jeans?colorful wedding dresses


strange wedding dress This one is actually pretty cool!

octopus wedding dressI can see Octomom Wearing this one on the big day!

hay wedding dressIs that made from straw?

flower wedding dressDoesn’t actually look to bad on her?

cake wedding dressI guess she’ll have to get married in place. No walking down the isle.

stupid wedding dressI guess she’s a strong advocate of birth control, yes those are condoms!

ugly wedding dress

I wonder if this has batteries or the bride needs an extension cord?

Crazy Wedding DressI’m not quite sure what to say about this dress?

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Have a crazy wedding dress you want to add to the collection or a would like to comment on any of these just chime in below we would love to hear from you!


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