Petite Mother of the Bride Dresses

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While the bride goes through all the hard work of finding the perfect Petite Mother of the Bride Dresses for her mother is equally busy preparing for the big day.  After all, she is the mother of bride. For women with a height below 5’4’’, it is important to find a dress that perfectly fits their shape.

Petite ladies usually buy stock items at the mall then have these altered. But for special occasions, it is important to find a style designed for them. For their daughter’s wedding, the petite mother would want to look radiant and beautiful too.

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With today’s online shopping capabilities, you get to choose more styles not to mention it’s a perfect way to locate discount mother of the bride dresses.  The mother of the bride can also look into other countries for styles.  Asian designers may have a good petite line of clothing that you can browse. American and European designers usually offer a good range of petite clothing.

Petite Mother of the Bride Dresses Options

While mom helps her daughter prepare for the big day, it is also important that the mother of the bride shop for her own outfit as well.  The key here is preparation.  Do not wait to the last minute to shop for your clothes and accessories.  While you help your daughter browse for the perfect wedding gown, plan your perfect dress for the petite mother of the bride too.

Petite ladies may tend to think they want to enhance some of their body parts by adding volume to their clothes.  However, keep in mind that your figure is small and you need to keep everything in proportion. However, onePetite Mother of the Bride great idea for adding some dimension is the ever popular beaded mother of the bride dress.

Petite mothers need not worry.  You can actually wear anything; from informal to ultra formal mother of the bride dresses nevertheless, keep in mind that balances is important.

When choosing an outfit, it is better to get items in matching color or similar shades.  This will flatter your figure perfectly. For weddings, light earth tones are good.  You can choose outfits in shades of beige, light yellow, ecru, grayish white, pearl white.  Most mothers of the bride prefer shades of white.

If you are attending formal occasions, a tailored suit or a little black dress will work great. Avoid too many frills, ruffles or puff sleeves.  These designs will overpower your small figure. You wouldn’t want to look like Thumbelina in Cinderella’s clothes. It is a wedding not a costume party.

If you choose to wear a cocktail dress, aim for wrap dress, A-line and empire cuts.  A dress that ends just above the knee will create an illusion of length.  The hemline adds to the illusion of a taller figure.

If you want to enhance your bust line, you can opt for tube cocktail dress.  Pair it up with a shawl for added elegance. Also cheap mother of the bride dresses tea length can look really good in the petite style.  You can also choose a long dress with a V-neckline.

Formal Petite Mother of the Bride Dresses

Petite women can also wear two piece suits.  Choose items in matching colors.  Avoid using belts or anything that will direct the attention to your waist.  Remember that the key here is continuity.  Wearing a two piece suit bride dresses petiteof the same shade will create a line that adds height. If you really need to wear a belt, choose the slim belts to help you flatter your frame.  Avoid wide, chunky belts. This cuts your frame and you will look smaller.

As a formal mother of the bride, you may opt for a classic look. The “Jackie O” style is simple but elegant and classic.  Choose a shift dress and pair it with a jacket or formal cardigan.

For curvy petite women, tube cocktail dresses are perfect. Opt for tops with V-necklines, scoop and boat necks.  You want to slim your curves and draw the attention to your upper body.  To achieve this, you need to wear knee length dresses and pencil cut skirts.  This accentuates your curves appropriately.  Sheaths and princess shaped dresses will look good on you as these petite mother of the bride dresses elongate your figure and smooth the curves.  Avoid silk, satin, flimsy materials. Choose thicker and more structured fabric.

An outfit is incomplete without accessories.  Petite women should know how to mix and match accessories to complement their look.  It is important to be creative and practical in accessorizing to avoid a cluttered look.

Shoes + Petite Mother of the Bride Dresses

Choose your shoes well.  Strappy sandals go well with dresses.  Pumps are suited for formal wear.  Heels can flatter your legs and ankles. Avoid T-straps, bows or heavy buckles on your shoes.  This make your feet look wide and out-of-proportion.  Avoid ankle strap sandals and square toed shoes.  Make sure that your shoes are proportioned to your hemline. If you need to wear hosiery, make sure that it is the same shade as your dress, skirt and shoes to create one long line.

Jewelry, when used in proportion, adds class.  As a mother of the bride, choose a simple necklace and a nice pair of earrings.  Avoid chunky and statement jewelry.

For slim petite women, it is better to use simple, understated jewelerie.  For curvy petite women, they can carry larger pieces.  Some of the basic items you need are a classic of stud earrings, drop earrings, fine chains and bangles.  Avoid jewelry with horizontal lines.

It is also appropriate to bring a clutch bag or purse to keep your things.  Keep it small and simple.  If you want to use a crystal studded purse,petite dresses for mother of the bride make sure you reduce the amount of jewelry.  The aim is for proportion and balance. Choose a bag that complements the shade of your dress, not contrasting.

If your dress requires a scarf or shawl, petite moms best bet is long and skinny scarves.  This takes the eyes through the length of your figure creating an illusion of height.  It is safer to use monochrome scarves than multicolored ones.  Monochromatic creates a defined elongated look.

The mother of the bride needs to remember that a classic look is important.  Weddings are formal occasions but it need not be strict and stern.

For a mother, the wedding of her daughter is special.  The months leading to it are filled with hectic schedules, various fittings and nerve racking moments.  Nonetheless, the mother of the bride should never forget that it is also her day.  She needs to be the pretty and radiant in her new petite mother of the bride dresses that everyone is expecting her to be.


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