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When it comes to buying diamond or other gemstone rings, sometimes shopping for Ring Settings Without Stones already mounted, makes sense. Buying a loose gem stone or having the stone from a different ring mounted in a new and distinctive setting is becoming much more popular these days for a variety of reasons. No matter what your reasons are, this leaves you looking for a unique ring setting in which to place your gem stone.

Styles of ring settings without stones vary from vintage and art deco designs to thoroughly modern rings.   Many of the designs are available in sets of two or three for a complete matched wedding set.  Yellow gold and white gold ring settings are stunning as always but now you can find absolutely gorgeous ring settings in platinum or even titanium.  Spectacular selections can also be found in stainless steel.

Wedding Ring Settings Without Stones Shopping

Before you set out to the local jewelry store, do some window shopping for ring settings without stones on the internet.  Look at all the styles, colors and metals that you can choose from. The internet is the one place where you can see as many different styles and designs as you want.  Be sure to check out the discount jewelers online, as well as wholesale jewelers.  Compare the prices and of course, the quality.  If you decide to order online, watch for hidden fees and minimum order requirements.  Buying direct and wholesale products may say you money but not if they make it up the difference in fees.  Or, take your chosen design to your local jewelry shop for the perfect fit and the best service.

Ring settings without stones can be made in a variety of stylish mountings.  These mountings may differ a great deal in how they support the center gem stones so doing some homework first is a good idea.  The top six different types of ring settings and wedding rings for women that hold jewels are:

  • Prong

The prong is probably the most popular type of ring setting.  Little metal prongs hold the gemstone in place. Over time the prong can wear and may need some attention.

  • Pave

Paved stones are gaining in popularity in recent years.  They are set into the shank of the band and use small, almost unseen prongs to hold the stones in place.  Typically used as adornment to help showcase a larger center stone.

  • Channel

Similar to paved settings, channel settings are used on wedding bands or on the sides of engagement rings.  A carved channel holds all of the small gemstones in place. Although very secure, some of the brilliance of the gems is lost a bit in this setting.

  • Settings Without StoneBezel

A bezel setting holds the gem stone in place by a small bezel or type of collar over the edge of the stone. Since the collar is so small, it almost disappears in the fashion of the ring stone.  This style appeals to many as a modern sleek look.

  • Tension

A heavier metal is needed for a tension stone mounting, as there is nothing but tension hold the stone in place.  Extreme heat is used to meticulously craft each ring to perfectly encase the stone.  Often called floating stones, tension rings are quickly gaining attention.

Shopping for the right setting may be easier without the glitter of the gem stones to attract you.  You want your ring to be unique and knowing the style of ring you want before you enter the jewelry store will help you stay focused amidst all the glittering beautiful rings.  From the feminine dainty filigree rings to the more jewel encrusted bands, you will find a myriad of choices in ring settings without stones.


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