Simple Rules to Follow When Planning a Wedding

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Simple Rules to Follow When Planning a Wedding

 You must properly plan for the big day that could be the happiest day of your life. The preparation and planning of the wedding ceremony requires powerful input from both the partners, their families and friends. The wedding planning procedure is not an easy task; in fact it is challenging as well as stressful. The key to make the whole process wonderful and memorable is to stay organized and give yourself plenty of time to manage everything.

Here are some key planning rules to make your wedding a smooth and successful event.

·        Plan a Budget:

Planning the wedding budget is very important. You have to be realistic in your priorities. Though it is a very big day in your life, this statement does not allow you to be extravagant. Always keep in mind that you have more wonderful days ahead which you never want to see wasted on paying back the debts you have incurred during wedding preparations.

  • Always stick to your budget and try your best not to exceed the limit you have set for different items. Try to be flexible and put big and important spending items on top of the list of priorities.
  • Try not to over-burden your parents or in-laws if they are funding the wedding, either wholly or partially. Remain strict to their budget ceiling.

·        Planning the Timeline:

Take sufficient time for the preparation of your wedding. In general, a period of 12 months is suggested.

  • Start with the engagement announcement. Budget planning, setting the wedding date and the bridal party will be the issues that require time.
  • Having a long planning time is also important in booking the venue in advance, as most venues are booked long before the date.

·        Setting the date, venue and size of the wedding:

Decide on the number of guests you are inviting for the purpose of invitations, venue and catering. List the guests for your own convenience. It is wise to decide on the venue as soon as possible. Check out the space, catering, decorations and fees of the venue you are selecting. Set the date long before you want to arrange your wedding. This will help the guests to be make arrangements to attend your wedding party in the busy season of weddings.

·        Choosing a wonderful theme:

No specific things are suggested in choosing a theme of your wedding. Sometimes people hire the services of professional experts, but this could be a burden to your budget. You can do it yourself. Just go and have some pictures of the venue taken with different dimensions. Select the flowers accordingly and place an order for them about 4 months before the wedding date.

Wedding salt & bread

·        Looking for an officiant:

You can find both faith-based and secular-based officiants. For a faith-based wedding you have to arrange for a priest, pastor, minister or rabbi. You should be courteous enough to pay a gratuity for their time, if they do not charge a fee. For a secular-based wedding, ask a judge or a person who has the authority to marry people. Attending premarital counseling is also suggested strongly. Be honest in expressing your desires and expectations for marriage.

·        Selecting a wedding dress and ring:

Decide on your dress – whether it will be tailor-made or you will purchase an off-the-rack dress. But decide it early as several alterations may be required for the desired fitting. Be cautious not to spend lavishly on a dress you are likely never going to put on again. Selecting a wedding ring is fun as well as symbol of devotion.

·        Deciding the menu:

This is a very important section of the wedding plan. Finding professional caterers are often costly so it is good to handle it yourself. Some people prefer a buffet, and some prefer to dine out at some restaurant.

·        Options for transportation:

To go to multiple venues, you have to arrange for an appropriate vehicle. Traditionally it is decorated for the newlywed. Transportation using a designated driver is also inevitable if you are serving alcohol at the reception. Following these simple rules makes life much easier when planning the perfect wedding. Just remember it’s your day and you want all the details worked out well before you arrive so you can focus on you and yours.

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