Some Great Wedding Gifts Ideas

Posted by cmotbd on November 4th, 2011 at 04:58pm

Out of appropriate wedding etiquette, gifts are given to all of the wedding party members.  Here are some great Wedding Gifts Ideas for your wedding party members.

Bridesmaids ~ Females are real easy to peg. Choosing an appreciation gift for your bridesmaids can be very easy when you acquaint them with some of the feminine wedding gifts that are available. Think practical… You can buy them all scented candles, personalized robes, accessories for them to wear to your ceremony, picture frames,  wine glasses, keepsake boxes, throws, gift cards to a spa day, or even friendship bracelets.

Groomsmen ~ Males and groomsmen can be a bit more difficult to find wedding gift ideas for than that of the women associated with the wedding party. However, just think like a man. You can buy them monogrammed golf ball links, ties, personalized cuff links and collar stays, tickets to a local sports event, money clips, or wallets, leather cigar holders, and customized leather travel cases.

Maid of Honor ~ Your Maid of Honor’s gift should be unique from the ones that you give your bridesmaids. Try to choose something very personal about that person whether she has an obsession with charms, candles, perfumes, or collectibles and utilize that bit of information when purchasing her a unique wedding gift.

Best Man ~ Your best man should be supplied with a unique gift given by the groom for his appreciation of him being a wing man so to say. So you need to make certain that the gift you choose for him is special and unique and one that caters to his preferences as a male. This could be in the form of a watch, or can do with some hobby or event he prefers.

Children ~ If you wish to give the children participating in your wedding ceremony gifts, you should gender relate them. But toys are always a hit. Try a wedding doll for a girl, and remote control cars and action figures for boys. You can also give them gift certificates so they feel special and can pick what they want to show appreciation for their participation in your wedding.

Parents ~ Obviously you can’t forget the parents since there’s a good chance they are footing the bill for the whole wedding so special consideration needs to be taken for the father and mother of the bride as well as the father and mother of the groom so take the extra time to find the right gift for them and make it something special.

This among all the other tasks and responsibilities that you have on your list can take upWedding Gifts Ideas your precious time. In order to purchase and find the right wedding gifts for parents or each member of the wedding party, you need to consult some useful resources that can supply you with some great wedding gifts ideas. The Internet has so many resources that can assist you in this timely process, but first start with us!

When it comes to getting wedding thank you gifts for parents, there are some things that are just really bad ideas. We all think we are good at giving gifts, but the truth of the matter is, sometimes we make really bad decisions. When it comes to buying gifts for parents, it is usually the thought that counts. But, for that to be true, you actually have to put some thought into your gift. Here are some things that show you didn’t do that and that you should avoid at all costs!

 Any Small Home Appliance are Perfect Weeding Gifts

Some people think that small home appliances are good gifts blenders, toasters, stand mixers, etc. For someone who is just starting out in life, like a young couple, this may be a good idea, but when it comes to wedding thank you gifts for parents, you should just avoid these. They are so cliché, and if there was a reasonable amount of people at their wedding, there is a good chance they already received three blenders, two toasters and a stand mixer. Just skip it and try to think of something better…

 Gift Cards ~ For some reason, people think that gift cards are good wedding thank you gifts for parents. Think about it for a minute, though what does a gift card say? It says, “I didn’t want to put the effort in to find you something you would like, but I want to make sure you can only spend my gift at somewhere I think would be suitable.” This isn’t really what you want to portray with your gift. If you plan on giving a gift card, why not just go to the store and buy something from there anyways? That’s what the receiver will do with the gift card…

Money ~ When it comes to wedding gifts for parents, the only thing worse than gift cards is just plain money. You may think that people like receiving money and for the most part they do but not as wedding gifts or thank you gifts. If you are thinking of sending some cash in a card, don’t bother with the cash just send the card alone with a nice handwritten note. It will make a much better impression that way. Don’t give cash. Just don’t…

As long as you avoid the aforementioned three wedding thank you gifts, you should be able to find something that your parents will like. In the end, your gift won’t really matter that much anyways your presence will be more valued than anything. When people get a certain age, they stop wanting so many material things and just want to spend time with the people they care about. Of course, it is always proper to buy them something, but you shouldn’t get too caught up in the process.


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