Thinking About Pave Engagement Ring Settings?

Posted by cmotbd on September 17th, 2011 at 04:43am

Pave Engagement Ring Settings are recognized by their unique characteristics that are typically arranged of stones placed on the shank of the ring.  Clusters of micro diamonds are terrific in accenting the beauty of the main center stones.  The Pave engagement ring settings incorporates either grains of gold or beads of platinum over the small diamonds in order to increase the appeal of the ring.

Basically, the main characteristic for Pave engagement ring settings is having the band of the ring appear to be encrusted with diamonds.  The small diamonds are held in place by using small pieces of metal to also help accentuate the stones instead of the band.  The smallest possible type of diamonds is needed to ensure that uniform glitter across the band is achieved.  Using the smallest possible diamonds also helps in achieving that blended look for a smooth and extravagant appeal.

It is understandable why many people would go for Pave engagement ring settings.  For one, it can be extremely breathtaking and can blend very well together with virtually any type of wedding band setting.  It is also important to understand halo pave engagement ring settingsthat a ring can either be a full Pave or a half Pave depending on how you want the final design to look.

Essentially, a full Pave has a more impressive look because the small diamonds go completely around the band, but, the half Pave is more comfortable since there is less possibility of the small diamonds rubbing against your other fingers or snagging on your clothes or hair.  Sometimes a full Pave can also be overwhelming to the point that it takes away the focus from the center stone which is supposed to be the highlight of the engagement ring.

Here are other reasons why many people prefer Pave engagement ring settings to other designs.

  • Normally Pave engagement ring settings use anywhere from 30 to 50, sometimes even more, smaller diamonds that are placed around the ring band.  When you add all of these together, they still most likely have a smaller carat value compared to bigger stones.  This means that using Pave engagement ring settings can actually result in substantial savings when purchasing engagement rings.  The price of diamonds is based mostly on the carat weight which means that the bigger the carat the more costly it is.  The Pave engagement ringring settings pave settings allow you to have an elegant looking ring without really spending that much.
  • Choosing Pave wedding rings for women also allows your fiancé to wear it on a daily basis.  This is because this particular ring design usually sits reasonably low on the finger of your fiancé which means that there are no protruding prongs that can get caught on her hair or on her clothing.  It also means that it will not get in the way when she does some work at home or hits the gym.  Since the stones are completely protected, wearing them on a daily basis does not put them at risk of being damaged or lost.
  • This particular design also allows the surface of the ring to look smoother.  The Pave engagement ring settings makes use of small diamonds and places them in close proximity to each other that they appear to be one continuous band on the ring surface.  The smoother surface also gives it that additional glitter which adds to its elegant look despite not having that expensive price tag.
  • Because of the stone placement design of the Pave engagement ring settings, less metal is visible to the naked eye.  In fact, the smaller the stones used, the lesspave engagement ring settings metal can be seen.  This holds true even when you opt for a half Pave engagement ring.  The portion that is encrusted with diamonds will successfully hide any metal part of the ring band from showing.  From a distance this can give the illusion that it is actually one huge stone that has been turned into an engagement ring.  Perhaps this is one of the most common reasons why many people prefer the Pave engagement ring settings.
  • There is a distinct advantage when using smaller diamonds.  Essentially, when you opt for smaller diamonds you gain more flexibility in terms of designing your engagement ring.  This is because it is easier to implement more intricate designs using smaller diamonds than bigger accent stones.  This holds true not only with diamonds but also with other gemstones.  By gaining this flexibility you can become more creative with the design and even incorporate your personal touch and make your Pave engagement ring settings uniquely your own.
  • The choice of Pave engagement ring settings gives it that distinguished look which easily sets it aside from other types of designs.  Although most brides may opt for more cookie-cutter looking engagement rings, giving your fiancé Pave engagement ring settings gives her that classic yet personal look whichEngagement Ring Settings distinguishes her from every other type of engagement ring in the market.  After all, your engagement ring should stand out the same way that your love for her does.

When you want to use Pave engagement ring settings make sure that you select princess cut or round brilliant diamonds as your center stone choice.  This is because the setting itself will already provide the elegance that you desire which means there is no need to use extremely brilliant types of gemstones.  This is in contrast to other types of settings which separates the center stone from the setting which is why these other designs require more brilliant and showy stones at its focal.  The result of course is a more costly engagement ring.  Sticking with Pave engagement ring settings allows you to achieve the same result at a fraction of the price.


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