Types of Irish Wedding Rings

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If you and your partner are about to get married but both of you are still having a hard time figuring out which wedding rings to get, then you should consider going for Irish Wedding Rings. If your both Irish all the better! Irish Wedding rings that incorporate the different Irish symbols represent a lot of meanings befitting two people who are in love.

Irish and Celtic wedding rings symbolize the rich culture of the Irish people, and each of these Irish and Celtic symbols represent unique and special meanings. If you really want something special that will symbolize your love for each other, you should consider Irish wedding rings.

Irish Wedding Rings: Making Use of Gaelic Text

Irish Wedding RingsMost of the styles of Irish wedding rings make use of Gaelic texts that are engraved on the band. There are also some styles of wedding rings that also make use of Celtic symbols. Some wedding rings make use of a combination of Gaelic text and Celtic symbols. The Celtic symbols in these wedding bands are commonly used as a separator between words which still represents unique and special meanings. There are also many Irish expressions used in these wedding rings. These include “Mo Anam Cara,” which means “My Soul Mate” and “Gra Geal Mo Chroi,” which means “Bright Love of my Heart.”

Irish Wedding Rings with Different Irish Expressions

irish wedding rings for menOne of the major reasons why a lot of couples prefer Irish wedding rings is the beauty and the meaning of the romantic Irish expressions that are used in these wedding rings. These romantic expressions are engraved on the wedding rings using Gaelic words. This is something that the couple can use to put the feelings that they have towards each other into words. The other terms of Irish endearments include “Gra Go Deo,” which means “Love Forever” and “Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas,” which means “Love, Loyalty, and Friendship” and is evident in the Irish Claddagh wedding rings.

Irish Wedding Rings: Symbols Depicting Friendship, Love and Loyalty

irish wedding rings claddaghAnother reason why a lot of people prefer Irish wedding rings over the other types and styles of wedding rings is not only because they are pretty, but also because of the symbols these rings use that represents a lot of meanings. There are Irish and Celtic wedding rings that feature Sun symbols, Triquetas, the Triskele pattern, Spirals, and Shield Knots. Each of these symbols represents unique meanings but they also represent a similar meaning which is eternal love. Of all the Irish and Celtic wedding rings, the Irish Claddagh wedding ring is the most popular one.

Irish Wedding Rings: The Irish Claddagh Wedding Ring

wedding ringsIrish wedding rings are well known for its symbols representing eternal love and the Irish Claddagh wedding ring is the perfect example since it symbolizes the power of great and true love. The Irish Claddagh wedding rings feature a heart that is cocooned in between two hands that are clasped together. A crown sits on top of the heart. As suggested by the heart symbol, it represents love. The crown is a symbol depicting the loyalty of the couple to each other, while the hands represent friendship. Overall, this ring symbolizes friendship, love and loyalty to each other.

This Irish wedding ring is named after an Irish fishing village that is believed to be a setting of a romantic legend. When a couple chooses to exchange the Claddagh Irish wedding rings, it is believed that they are stating the sentiments surrounding the origin of the rings which is “With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love.” However, there are different ways that the Irish Claddagh rings are worn like mother of the bride dresses, and there is a specific way to show that the person wearing it is happily married and will never be apart from the person he or she belongs to and truly loves.

Irish Wedding Rings: Wide Variety of Designs to Choose From

wedding ringsSince Irish wedding rings make use of different Irish expressions and Celtic symbols, you and your partner can definitely find one that will make your wedding rings very symbolic and unique. Each symbol represents a different meaning, so both of you will be able to choose those that will suit your personalities. You can choose to have Celtic symbols or Gaelic words engraved on your wedding bands, or you can also go for the more bold and large designs to symbolize your friendship, undying love and fidelity to each other.

The Celtic Knot patterns are also one of the most popular Celtic symbols used in Irish wedding rings. The Celtic Knot is evident in most of the ancient Celtic designs and artworks. While the true meaning behind the different Celtic Knot patterns are still not known, a lot of historians believes that these are representations of an endless cycle and how life is interconnected and interrelated with each other. When used in wedding rings, it is considered to be a symbol of eternal and undying love that a person has for his or her partner. wedding rings sets

Irish wedding rings can also depict other Celtic symbols such as the Celtic Tree of Life, spirals and the shamrock. A couple can choose to exchange a simple wedding band made out of precious metals such as platinum, silver, or gold. They can further accessorize their wedding rings with an adornment of exquisite gems such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Whatever design, style or Celtic symbol the couple chooses to incorporate on their Irish wedding bands, it will be a unique representation of their undying love for each other.


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