Understanding What Makes Antique Wedding Rings Priceless

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Antique Wedding Rings have a certain extraordinary appeal and grandiosity that is why it is a very prominent choice for couples who want to get married with style. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that these jeweleries have always displayed traditional and unique designs that never fade out of style. Because of this, these rings can positively exhibit one’s passion and feelings towards his or her partner and make any event more memorable.

Also, antique wedding rings clearly exhibit the fine qualities of expert workmanship and represent the refined and sophisticated attributes of its wearer. Plus, these rings are more elegant compared to current models and their stones are of better quality. Since replicating the detailed designs of these rings is very difficult and costly, the mentioned rings increase in value of a certain period. Those who are not familiar with these jewellery sets may ask what makes them unique from contemporary ones. Reading this article can be beneficial for these individuals.

A Brief Explanation Of Antique Wedding Rings

The first thing that should be considered for a piece of jewellery to be labelled antique, it should in particular must be at least manufactured within a 50 year period. Contrary to recent models that are machine manufactured, wedding rings that were made in the old days were hand crafted and usually made up of high grade platinum, gold, and other expensive metals that were engraved with high cost stones that were present on the year that they were manufactured. The most affluent periods thatantique diamond wedding rings these rings were made were during the Edwardian, Art Deco, and Victorian eras.

The Victorian era (1835 to 1900) is the earliest era of wedding rings. The rings that are manufactured in this period are hand crafted from rose or yellow gold. Studies show that the rings in this period are the most elegant out of the three mentioned areas. Victorian wedding rings are usually made with intricate arrangement that incorporates expensive stones into the band. Because of its components, antique wedding rings in this era are the rarest of all wedding rings making them the most expensive as well.

What Makes Antique Wedding Rings Expensive

  • Rarity

Antique wedding rings are meticulously hand crafted and were not mass produced as the ones that are released today. The materials that these antiques are made of are of higher grade components that are difficult to find. In the past, jewelleries were not popular among the masses as such there were limited quantities that were produced.antique style wedding rings Because of the said qualities, these antique rings are quite expensive and difficult to find.

  • Bands

In the old days, wedding rings were manufactured with utmost sophistication that enabled them to effectively catch attention. With this in mind, many were made with pink gold, yellow gold, and gold with silver design, among others. Some were even patterned with scrollwork, smaller diamonds on the ring bands, ring settings without stones and pieced shapes.

  • Stones

It should be remembered that antique rings are not always embedded with diamonds. This feature is actually found in recent models that are rampant in the market. In the past, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals, and other exquisite stones were used in wedding rings. On the other hand, diamonds only became fashionable a couple of hundred years ago.

How To Acquire Antique Wedding Rings

  • Family Heirloom

Because of its unique and expensive qualities antique rings are usually hard to find. But they can be passed from one generation to another or through family heirloom. The good thing about this part is they not only exhibit grandiosity and class, they also represent a rich family history. The wedding ring that one’s great grandfather used in his wedding, somewhat accords a sense of passion and say good fortune. In general,vintage antique wedding rings heirloom rings can be passed from one’s paternal or maternal relative.

  • Regular Purchase

Not every person is favored to receive antique wedding rings from their family, as there are very limited heirloom pieces that can be passed. On the other hand, those who are really interested in purchasing these kinds of rings, there are a number of options out there. Jewellery and antique stores, pawnshops, and estate sales, are some of the good places to start.

The worldwide web also features a myriad of resources that potential buyers can choose from. But before making any purchase, one ought to make sure to scrupulously analyze the ring to make sure that it is still in pristine condition. Better yet, the advice and opinion of professional jewellers can be sought to make sure that a worthwhile and right purchase will be done. This is important because as mentioned, antique or vintage rings are very costly and almost impossible to find. Plus, shelling out a huge sum of money for them is no joking matter.


At present, vast majority of people are preoccupied with modern and sophisticated things that they have completely forgotten the value of the past. But the information in this article clearly shows that compared to newer models, antique wedding rings are extremely appealing. These rings, whether received from an older relative orantique wedding rings for sale purchased, are capable of showing intense love and passion to his or her romantic partner.

A wedding is a very significant event in one’s life. This is because this once in a lifetime occasion is memorable and will be remembered for years to come. To make it more special, using antique wedding rings to cement its priceless characteristics is a worthwhile undertaking every couple should do.


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