Vintage Wedding Rings Both Unique and Special

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Vintage wedding rings are becoming a popular choice for couples who are about to get married. There are a lot of brides and grooms to be out there who prefer and appreciate the designs, the styles as well as the fashions of the past decades.

Vintage wedding rings offer a lot of unique features, advantages and benefits over the other types of the more modern wedding ring styles. If you and your partner would like to exchange unique wedding rings on your special day, then you should consider going for the wedding rings that have a vintage or “antique” feel.

An Overview of Vintage Wedding Rings

A lot of people are wondering how wedding rings are classified as vintage. The word vintage refers to a design or a style that first came out many years ago. A vintage “style” may also mean that it is designed to replicate styles from the past. Vintage wedding rings are classified into three main categories, namely: replica, estate, and antique. These three categories differ slightly from each other by means of age but all three features the same “unique” and “vintage” appearance. These wedding rings are ideal for couples who would like to celebrate their wedding day with something more special.

Difference Between Replica, Estate and Antique Wedding Rings

Replica wedding rings are brand new rings which are designed to look like the styles of the traditional rings. It is specifically designed to have an “antique” sense of style. Some people think that replica wedding rings are fakes, but they can actually cost more compared to the originals since it may use materials that are more expensive.  Estate wedding rings are also fashioned with what can be considered as a “vintage” design, but these rings lack the right age to be called “antiques.”Antique vintage wedding rings are over 50 years of age and it follows a traditional design.

Great Ideas for Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage wedding rings are ideal wedding rings for couples who would like to experience something different during their wedding day. These wedding rings offer a lot of benefits and advantages over the other types of the more modern wedding rings. Most bride and grooms to be out there who prefer this type of wedding rings are conservative by nature, but there are also some who just want to experience a more traditional wedding. One advantage of these wedding rings is that most of these are made out of materials that have better quality compared to those used in the other typesVintage Wedding Rings of wedding rings.

The good and even better quality of most vintage wedding rings make them one of the most preferred wedding ring choices by a lot of couples even in these modern days. You will find antique or estate wedding rings that have a better quality than most of the rings that you can find today. In the past, the stones that were fitted in the wedding rings were selected for their perfection and the metals used have a heavier carat weight. The good qualities of these antique wedding rings make them an ideal alternative to the contemporary and more modern choices available nowadays.

 The Most Popular Periods of Vintage Wedding Rings

While some people think that things of the past are already out of fashion, vintage wedding rings are still considered to be very in-style even today. While vintage products are popular with the older adults, more and more young couples find these antique wedding rings as exceptional and unique. These wedding rings come from different periods, but there are four most popular periods that these rings may represent. Wedding rings that are from 1895-1915 are classified under the Art Nouveau period. Wedding rings made antique vintage wedding rings for womensometime in between 1901-1914 are considered to be under the Edwardian period, and those that belong to the Art Deco period were manufactured in between 1920-1930.

Aside from the Art Nouveau period, the Edwardian period and the Art Deco period, you can also find vintage wedding rings from the Victorian period. These rings were made sometime in between the years of 1835-1900. Victorian wedding rings can often be seen set in either rose gold or yellow. These wedding rings may feature simple yet elegant designs. You will also be able to find wedding rings that have more intricate designs. A lot of the wedding rings that were designed during the Victorian period have rows of diamonds as well as pearls.

A Wide Variety of Designs and Styles to Choose From

Vintage wedding rings are available in a wide variety of designs and styles that couples can choose from, making it one of the most popular wedding ring options. Since most of these antique wedding rings have a timeless appeal to them, you can truly find the best one that will suit your and your partner’s personality. These wedding rings also have different types of precious stones and gems infixed to them such as diamonds, emeralds, aventurine, and opals. These antique wedding rings will truly make your wedding day a memorable and unique one.

Where to Buy Vintage Wedding Rings

While you may be able to find vintage wedding rings in your local vintage jewelry stores, finding the best one may prove to be a little challenging. However, the worldwide web has made it a lot easier for couples looking for unique wedding rings to find the best pair online. Shopping for your weddingvintage wedding rings sets rings online will not only help you find the right one for you and your partner; you are also provided with an added bonus of saving a lot of money.

Another great option believe it or not is eBay and or Amazon and starting with ring settings without stones many divorces happen every day in this country unfortunately and most of these women in some cases need cash and have no problem selling the ring to the highest bidder so encouraging your significant other to do a little digging online can save you thousands you could be spending on your honeymoon for that perfect vintage wedding ring for half the cost or better.


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