Wedding Dress Alternatives Outside The Norm!

Posted by cmotbd on June 22nd, 2013 at 04:57pm

We all tend to lean towards the traditional type wedding dresses but what about exciting alternatives. If your willing to think outside the box a little bit there are a plethora of very interesting designs and choices for any time of year. Take a look at this beauty below.

Wedding Dress Alternatives

This is a beautiful summer option that is outside the normal arena of formal wedding dress attire. It has a beautiful color blend that works well with just about any outside type event only a little summer required.

Now on to our next interesting option for those wild brides to be out there willing to take a turn from the normal and socially acceptable dress practice. Were going to shorten things up a bit on this one and throw in some spaghetti straps with great heels and see how this tickles your appetite.


This is more traditional but we will get into some more interesting styles a bit later on down the page. For some people this may seem it on the Bla side but simplicity has it’s advantages both in price and ease. This one is defiantly another summer option, no way this would work in a multi-seasonal situation.

What do we have in store for you next you ask? Well there’s a never ending supply of interesting here and we will keep you photo hopping all day long. This weeks dress dialog has a great lineup of beautiful dresses for any taste or budget. If your having a spring wedding and live in a warm climate then a tea length dress might be the best choice for you if you have the legs for it.

To look at a bunch of beautiful options go check out our MOB Dresses Gallery it’s a great place to check out numerous options and get some great ideas for just about any wedding dress occasion. We have great dress photos for all seasons as well as plus size dresses, petite, modest and so on. Just about every options you could think of is in the gallery.


Check back often for more updates and great ideas on everything wedding dress related.

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