Why Choose Modest Wedding Dresses?

Posted by cmotbd on September 29th, 2011 at 09:40pm

Designers are finding out that there is an increasing demand for Modest Wedding Dresses.  It is quite a puzzle for some why most brides would actually prefer modest wedding dresses, as opposed to fairy tale like wedding gowns complete with parades and celebrities.  Considering what we see on television of royal and celebrity weddings, it would seem more logical that many brides to be would prefer such types of weddings.

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However, it is actually assuring to know that many brides are actually exercising practicality by opting for modest wedding dresses.  They tend to focus their creativity and imagination in other aspects of the wedding ceremonies like the cake, wedding flowers, and wedding vows among others.  The choice to forgo of more expensive wedding gowns in favor of Modest Wedding Dressmodest wedding dresses allow couples to generate savings that they can use as start up funds on their new life together.

For some brides, the choice of modest wedding dresses is based on its reflection of who they really are, real, practical, and modest women.  Considering that not all brides have that model-like figure, the option to avail of modest wedding dresses allows them to compensate for the shape of their arms, shoulders, and other body parts that she does not want to draw attention to.

The use of modest wedding dresses likewise allows them to overcome their self-consciousness by limiting the amount of skin that is exposed.  Do not get the wrong idea that modest wedding dresses are outdated and unattractive because they are far from that.  With the right accessories and proper fit, these wedding gowns can look equally elegant and sophisticated.

Modest Wedding Dresses Customs and Traditions

Majority of modest wedding dresses actually adhere to some customs and traditions of the bride.  Undoubtedly, there are still those who revere these beliefs including religious practices which encourage their members to keep celebrations simple and practical.  For most part, many religions promote modesty and the virtue of being humble.  Moreover,wedding dresses modest some religious sectors also require their members to observe certain standards especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies.

You must remember that religions mostly are conservative in nature and the use of modest wedding dresses allows members to keep up with these standards.  Many religious couples after all believe that the celebration of a wedding is between them and their God.  Temples, churches, and other religious buildings also have a specific dress code which every member and guest must carefully follow.  The use of modest wedding dresses shows not only obedience to the guidelines but also respect.

Advantages of Modest Wedding Dresses

You will never run out of options when choosing modest wedding dresses.  This is because there are a number of designers who specialize on these types of wedding gowns including those for the bridesmaids.  This segment of the market is too big to be ignored by designers simple modest wedding dressesas well as wedding gown companies which is why you can be sure that you will not be forced to wear modest wedding dresses that have designs that you do not like.

Contrary to what many believe modest wedding dresses are actually sophisticated, elegant, stylish, and chic and totally in a class of their own.  Many of designers agree that a bride should be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day which is why these wedding gowns are designed much like their more expensive counterparts but are fraction of the cost.

When it comes to modest wedding dresses the underlying theme is really non-traditional or unconventional approach to a wedding.  Considering that there are different types of wedding ceremonies like church, garden, beach, underwater, and skydiving among others, the use of modest wedding dresses makes it easier to adapt to the different conditions of these types of weddings.  Sometimes, the more unconventional the wedding, the better and more interesting it is.  After all, you do want that special day to be memorable don’t you?

Modest wedding dresses do not actually have to be bought off the rack in department stores or even online.  You can commission a designer to create a custom-made wedding gown for you that will reflect your true personality making you especially unique on your weddingmodern modest wedding dresses day.  These modest wedding dresses that are personalized are still comparatively cheaper than having to buy extravagant wedding dresses from wedding stores.

Moreover, you can even include colors which are not traditionally found in wedding gowns as well as make use of fabric that you do not normally see in every wedding.  Custom made wedding gowns usually feature embroideries and bead works that are both creative and beautiful.

Modest wedding dresses can also be a combination of off the rack wedding gowns or evening gowns with the addition of a bolero or short sheer jacket that is worn over preferably a inexpensive modest wedding dressessleeveless or strapless gown.  You can even opt for a shawl that is draped around the shoulders or elbows.

The beauty of using modest wedding dresses in this manner is that the mother of the bride dresses can actually standout from the bridesmaids without really having to spend that much.  For example you can use a different colored shawl for the bride and another complementary shade for the bridesmaids.  The limit is really only your imagination, aside from your budget of course.

Some brides may feel that going for an unconventional wedding ceremony as well as opting for modest wedding dresses can be quite risky.  However, considering some of these reasons why many couples choose modest wedding dresses is something that you can carefully look into.  Just remember that your wedding is a celebration of the love you share with your spouse and as such, modest wedding dresses should reflect your personality.


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